New Source Review (NSR) and Non-attainment New Source Review (NNSR)

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The NSR and NNSR air permitting process has become increasingly difficult to navigate to find the proper balance between operations and satisfying the rules.  ADMV2 has a solution for getting your technology authorized to operate.

ADVM2 Air Permitting Expertise

ADVM2 develops comprehensive air permit applications that fully explain the intricate details of your technology, no matter the complexity, framing the context for the agency for streamlined authorization.  Our air permitting consultants have secured numerous authorizations for power plants, refineries, chemical manufacturers, and mines.

Blend of Operations and Environmental Consulting

We work with consultants who have plant operating experience who have held key positions in operations and maintenance departments.  We find that understanding the technology, equipment, and rationale behind the engineering decision making process of the client, we can provide clarity to the air permitting process like no other environmental consultant can.  We understand your outage cycles, pro forma commitments, an unique choices for technology.  Let us communicate your technology to the agency for your next permitting evolution.

We Understand the Cost of Compliance

We develop an environmental and regulatory applicability profile and checklist for each air permitting project to ensure all compliance issues are resolved prior to securing authorization from the agency.  This approach has helped us save our clients thousands of dollars in consulting fees and reduced lead time of getting the air permit back from the agency.  We strive to reduce the comments and kick backs from the agency by doing it right the first time.

Air Modeling and the Complexities of NAAQS

National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) are progressively becoming more stringent forcing the air modeling into complex detail to achieve air permit authorization through the agency.  When you use ADVM2 environmental consultants to work on your air permit application, all of our consultants working on your project will have had the latest air quality modeling training and are resident experts in the air modeling craft.  We consistently work with the agencies to understand the latest direction of NAAQS interpretations, regulatory changes, and air modeling expectations.  Our goal is to minimize the surprises and lead time of your next project relative to air modeling.

Use ADVM2 For Your Next NSR or NNSR Air Permit Project

Why use ADVM2?  You should use ADVM2 if you want:

1. Environmental consultants and air permitting experts with doctoral air modeling experience
2. Environmental consultants and air permitting experts with plant and facility operations, maintenance and engineering experience who truly understand your needs having been once been on the client’s side
3. Comprehensive compliance and regulatory profile to fully understand your air permitting requirements
4. Understanding of complex technologies with environmental consultants who can communicate these nuances effectively to the agency
5. Thorough air permit application with accurate documentation to prevent agency kick backs and reduce project lead time
6. A streamlined air permit

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Air Dispersion Modeling

ADVM2 provides air dispersion modeling for various projects including NSR air permit applications.  We specialize in the following air dispersion modeling methods:

3. RMP*Comp
5. ISC-Prime
6. Photochemical (Ozone)

ADVM2 utilizes BEEST Suite offered by ORIS solutions to perform a majority of our modeling tasks.  If you have specific requests, we are proficient in other platforms as well including BREEZE.  We present all of our modeling data rendered in Surfer 7 to provide the most technically complete representation to the agency during your air permit application to minimize questions and kick backs.

ADVM2 thinks of air modeling as a tool to analyze emissions increments and develop a table of variables to give you a technical representation of technology changes that could mean the difference between exceedance or no exceedance.  Moving a stack a few feet or raising and lowering a stack by a few feet are just a few low hanging fruit examples of the guidance ADVM2 gives its clients to help streamline authorization with minimal capital expense and lead time.

ADVM2’s goal is to always avoid air modeling when applicable but if necessary, reduce the operational burden of the client by working directly with the agency and submitting a compliant air quality model that satisfies the most stringent regulations.  We reduce our client’s lead time and kick backs by developing an air quality protocol and plan that fits our client’s needs as well as satisfies the air modelers in the agency.

ADVM2 air modeling products provide solutions for these common requirements:

1. NSR Construction Air Permitting and Renewal
2. RMP Off-Site Consequence Analysis
3. Expert Witness and Litigation
4. Agency Notice of Violation Defense

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National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Water Permits

From small operations to big and complex refineries, the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) regulations apply to all facilities that desire the ability to discharge pollutants to the navigable waters of the United States.

ADVM2 NPDES Water Permitting Expertise

Our goal is not only to ensure that your facility complies with each and every applicable requirement of the NPDES permit program, but review all approaches to minimize operation impact and maximize cost efficiency. We’ve successfully prepared hundreds of permits keeping businesses operating and thriving within the regulatory scrutiny.

Which water permits and plans do I need?

Depending on required permit type and site characteristics, the development of a Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) might be part of your complete compliance program. Our team of experienced consultants have created an innovative streamlined process that successfully outlines the corresponding Best Management Practices (BMP), the necessary monitoring and reporting requirements, and the correct assessment of potential pollution sources for your facility. We understand that having an accurate and highly detailed plan is only half of your comprehensive site compliance evaluation; therefore, we perform site inspections on a regular basis and provide personalized training to the designated responsible pollution prevention team to ensure all SWPPP’s guidelines are constantly updated, fully understood and always followed.

You may also need an Spill Prevention Controls and Countermeasures Plan (SPCC)

Our experienced team have also developed and certified hundreds of Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) plans for a wide array of facilities producing, storing, refining or distributing oil and oil products. In order to avoid unnecessary expenses and delays, we start by getting a well-founded knowledge of your particular facility layout and operations to generate a precise potential spill inventory and equipment failure analysis. Using site-specific information allows us to effectively determine the most appropriate and reliable prevention/contingency plan for your facility. Since we understand a flawless management of preventive actions and corrective procedures is the most important part of your SPCC plan, we provide checklists and training to ensure all inspections, reporting, and notifications are performed correctly and on time.

Use ADVM2 For Your Next NDPES, SWPPP and SPCC Project

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Waste Solutions (RCRA)

To avoid warnings, notices and fines, use the help of our experts who have worked with Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) waste codes for over two decades.

ADVM2 Approach to RCRA

Having extensive knowledge about different waste description lists as well as different waste characterization types is always a trustworthy starting point, but we don’t stop there. We make waste assessment a successful mission by adequately profiling your waste, selecting the best management and disposal techniques, addressing current deviations and anticipating future challenges to guarantee your facility is always evolving next to compliance and far from violations.

Use ADVM2 For Your Next RCRA Waste Project

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Compliance Management Made Simple with CCMS®

Since regulations are always changing, it is easy to imagine that keeping up with them is almost impossible. Our compliance system not only makes it possible but makes it extremely easy.

ADVM2 Approach to Continuous Compliance Management System (CCMS®)

We developed a comprehensive database that we keep current and updated with all local, state and federal regulations. Our experts carefully analyze your facility location, documentation, equipment, and operations and transfer all your applicable and potentially applicable regulations to CCMS®. CCMS® is an environmental management system able to manage all the information you will ever need to be 100% in compliance. It takes your applicable regulations, your permits and renewal due dates, SWPPP and SPCC requirements and transform them in calendars, reports, reminders and tasks that are easy to understand, easy to manage and easy to complete.

What makes CCMS® different from other Environmental Management Systems?

1) Simple implementation: Our expertise along with the straightforwardness of the system makes rule identification and tasks auto-population a consistent streamlined process.
2) Simple management: It literally takes a click of a button to update regulations, notify changes, apply new rules, modify permits/plans, create reports, and complete tasks.
3) Simple fee arrangement: There are no surprises when it comes to system setup, management or client support. CCMS implementation consists on a flat fee dependable of site size, and its management is covered by a monthly/quarterly or annual fee initially indicated and approved.

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