Advanced Data Collection, QA/QC, and Reporting

At ADVM2, we utilize a SQL-based data acquisition system (DAS) for data collection, validation, graphing, alerts, and reporting. The database structure enables comparative studies and integration of environmental data from different sources and locations. For example, camera images from a site can be compared with data collected during the same time frame to provide unique insights into site status and condition. Capabilities of the DAS include:

  • Remote environmental data viewing/access
  • Remote environmental data download
  • On-line graphing and analysis
  • Data summaries
  • Interactive summary pages
  • Camera systems viewing and correlation

Example Screenshot of ADVM2 Trending Capabilities


The DAS is completely programmable to facilitate custom solutions. The environmental data output can be formatted to be compatible with Federal and State databases when necessary. The DAS can also provide real-time data summaries via web, email or telephone. Our QAQC process involves four separate review processes. The initial QAQC is performed automatically by our DAS. Any and all questionable data detected by the DAS are secondarily reviewed by our environmental data technicians.

Data Technicians review the issue and determine potential justification(s) and “best fix” to prevent a recurrence. At this point, the data issue is upgraded for review by the Project Supervisor who reviews the data and provides a concur / non-concur determination based on the justification provided by the Data Technician.

The final QAQC comes from the Project Manager who verifies the findings at levels 1,2 & 3 and makes the final determination on how the issue will be resolved. ADVM2’s Project Manager is our most highly trained / experienced internal asset. A PhD is required to hold this position at ADVM2.


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Environmental Monitoring

Advanced Monitoring Methods has performed and is fully capable of providing the following types of environmental data monitoring:


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System Integration

ADVM2 personnel are integration experts. We have a high-level of familiarity with all EPA recognized manufacturers and the equipment / instrumentation each produces. Our systems often involve combining instrumentation from multiple manufacturers each having their own proprietary code /operating method. At ADVM2, our skill set allows us to successfully integrate proprietary instruments into an effective, cohesive and robust high-quality data collection system. The images below show an example system where Teledyne API, Met One, Campbell Scientific, RM Young and NRG Systems equipment / instrumentation were successfully integrated.


Inside Mobile Unit, Inside Enclosure, Outside Mobile Trailer


ADVM2 is an industry leader in mobile, modular, monitoring solutions. We have the in-house talent to design and build solutions which meet specific client needs. ADVM2 has found that more clients are turning to mobile data collection systems as they are cost effective, readily deploy-able, and less susceptible to siting interferences. This saves clients cost, time, and headaches.

Our mobile units are built from field-tested materials and outfitted with industry standard (or better) communications, instruments, and sensors. Mobile units eliminate the single project paradigm. ADVM2 mobile units do not necessarily require wheels. Many of our systems are based on mobile CONEX platforms. ADVM2 has developed excellent relationships with multiple transportation companies providing the ability to quickly relocate monitoring stations in a minimal time frame. A short list of possibilities for mobile platforms include:
  • Remote Power
    • Solar power systems
    • Wind power generation systems
    • Hybrid power generation systems
    • Fuel Cells
    • TEG’s
  • Remote Communications
    • Radio Frequency (RF)
    • Cellular
    • Satellite
  • Remote Diagnostics
  • Remote network camera for 24/7 “eyes on”
  • Modular Systems
  • Trailer-mounted Systems
  • Options for Deployment Platform
  • Custom Solutions

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Field Services

ADVM2 provides a number of field-related services for our clients. The following list indicates the major areas but is not all-inclusive:

Site Operators: ADVM2 maintains an extensive network of Project Site Operators throughout the United States. We have found that having a local presence within approximately 1-hour of our site locations means the difference between losing lots of data or none at all. Our Site Operators are able to respond rapidly to site issues thereby mitigating potential damage.

Full System Audits: ADVM2 personnel are highly-trained and highly-qualified to provide full system audits. Our personnel comb over every inch of your system to insure (a) proper installation, (b) proper operation of all instrumentation and (c) to insure that your system is operating in the manner indicated in your site specific Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP). The thoroughness of our audits insure nothing will be missed and that the data collected will be acceptable by your State Agency and the EPA.

Tower construction Oversight: While ADVM2 personnel do not build (or climb) towers, our personnel have significant experience in tower installation oversight for meteorological or air quality monitoring. Certain tower placement / orientation criteria must be metto insure high-quality data collection and to keep your data from being deemed “unusable”.

Third party Tower climbers: ADVM2 maintains a network of highly-trained and certified Tower climbing personnel. When we need an instrument placed / adjusted on a standing tower our top notch sub-contractor tower climbers are second to none.


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Project Support

Advanced Monitoring Methods (ADVM2) knows that systems support is NEVER just a “9 to 5″ obligation. ADVM2 understands that collecting high-quality data means not losing data. Therefore, ADVM2 has modeled our system issue response mechanism after 24/7 security companies. ADVM2 is aware of what is happening at a client’s site 24 hours per day, 7 days per week and 365 days per year. ADVM2 uses the latest technologies, highly-trained site operators, and a reliable monitoring system that has been successfully deployed in rugged and demanding locations (Desert, Arctic, Ocean, Mountains). Our system is designed with multiple redundancies to minimize data loss under all circumstances. Services we offer include:

  • System inspection/repair/refurbishment
  • System design, fabrication, testing, installation, operation, and maintenance
  • Remote power (Solar, wind, TEG) design/build/consulting
  • Remote digital imagery capture, real-time viewing, and archiving
  • Total systems audits
  • Independent audits and calibrations
  • Data collection, quality assurance, reporting, and archiving
  • Control systems designed to integrate multiple monitoring methods in a package which can be used to optimize site operations


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