About Us

Advanced Monitoring Methods’ (AMM) philosophy is to provide high-quality, high recovery monitoring services under all environmental conditions and locations.  AMM believes data collection is a team effort and every entity in the data chain is critical.  Optimal performance and accountability are requirements of all subcontractors and AMM personnel.  AMM takes pride in all that we do.  Going the extra mile is part of our daily routine.  To this end, AMM employs stringent QA/QC guidelines that exceed Federal/State/Local standards.  Our strengths include:

1. AMM continues to stay on top of developments in available technologies.  This knowledge is used in the integration of all data collection systems resulting in robust, reliable, responsive, and remotely accessible monitoring solutions.

2. AMM’s significant experience in remote, harsh environments around the globe has resulted in the deployment of a superior product.

3. AMM places a high value on response to client needs.  Good service will never be compromised.  AMM representatives are available 24/7 and maintain constant surveillance of your project site through the use of well-tested and reliable communication systems.  All issues are dealt with immediately.  AMM does not wait until Monday morning to analyze station performance over the weekend.

4. AMM has the expertise to collect high-quality data under adverse circumstances in remote environments.  The combination of a “failure is not an option” work ethic along with technological savvy and experience are the driving factors behind this capability.

AMM personnel have a combined 30 years experience in the design and build of robust and reliable, remote monitoring systems.  Our personnel have successfully monitored from Mexico to Alaska and California to Kazakhstan.  AMM personnel were integral in the design, configuration, integration, installation, and operation of dozens of systems that are still in operation today.